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                              OUR STORY 

  My husband Ed and I founded Rock The Salt in Ventura, California, though the recipe's history goes back to the late 1960's, when my mother created what we called "Her Famous Seasoned Salt." Mom's recipe was a major hit, and a shaker full quickly replaced the regular salt on our kitchen table. She always mixed up large batches and generously gave some to family and friends, who couldn't get enough! The rest she used on almost every delicious thing she cooked and served.

  Flash forward fifty years... Approaching Mom's 80th birthday I asked her permission to honor, market and share her famous seasoned salt with the world. She loved the idea! Now all we needed was a rockin' new name that would connect our family's love of food and music. I combined Mom's talent in the kitchen, with my husbands talent as a professional guitarist and songwriter and created the name, "Rock The Salt".

  We make regular visits to our home away from home in Nashville, Tennessee, where our family still resides. Because of those roots, we decided to manufacture and launch our product "Rock The Salt" in Music City, USA.   


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